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Joseph’s Junk Removal charges $185 per hour for moving and general labor. We also charge an additional $3.85 per mile for transporting items.

This may apply to moving additional items requested by the client OR jobs that take more than 2 hrs. to load. Feel free to ask our Team Leaders for more info!

How our labor works

Joseph’s Junk Removal will lift, carry, and move anything within reason!

Need some help to rearrange your living room after we’ve removed your junk? Our strong workers can do the lifting for you.

We will:

  • Lift heavy items anywhere in your house
  • Carry that bulky couch or futon
  • Move your entire basement so you can reorganize it
Quick Service

With junk on our mind, we are always moving to tackle next pile.

Since our labor rate is hourly, we will hustle to accomplish any task you throw at us! You can be sure you are getting the help you need at a great price!

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We value your satisfaction! We prove this by:

  • Giving you upfront pricing
  • Training our team of professionals for quality
  • Working hard so you don’t have to

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  • Call us at 404-323-6327 or book online to make an appointment.
  • Expect our crew to arrive on time for your removal appointment.
  • We’ll make sure to approve all pricing with you before starting any work.
  • At your approval, we’ll take the piece off your hands. Enjoy your space again!


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