Foreclosure Cleanouts in Atlanta, GA

Need to clean out a foreclosed home but don’t want to do all the physical labor on your own? There’s a quick solution to this problem: booking foreclosure cleanouts with your friends at Joseph’s Junk Removal.


When a property forecloses, a lot goes on behind the scenes. The house lands into someone else’s hands, and then, it has to be cleaned out so it can be sold to the next occupant. What this means is that someone will need the help of a foreclosure cleanout business. Are you that someone? If so, Joseph’s Junk Removal looks forward to speaking to you. We’re the #1 place for junk removal services and foreclosure cleanouts in Metro Atlanta!

Full-service junk removal provided by Joseph's Junk Removal

Why Our Foreclosure Cleanouts?

In order for a house to be sold, it can’t have any junk in it. That’s just common sense. However, this does mean that as long as a house has junk in it, you can’t really do anything with it, and that’s not good news for you. What’s to be done with that foreclosed property, then? Let our pros work on it! Our foreclosure cleanouts are available now, and what’s more, we offer same-day and next-day appointment windows. That way, you can get the clean out services you need ASAP!

Foreclosure cleanouts pricing is pretty good when you choose Joseph’s Junk Removal, too! That’s because we charge you on a basis of volume. The space your junk uses up in our truck determines what you pay—meaning you get charged fairly no matter how big the job is.

Junk removal in Dunwoody, GA provided by Joseph's junk removal

How It Works

  1. Just so we don’t catch you in the middle of a shower, an errand, or any other business, we’ll give you a courtesy call some time before our arrival.
  2. Come say hello to our crew before showing them all of the junk in the foreclosed property. This lets us prepare a quote for you.
  3. Look at our asking price, and if you’re okay with it, we’ll be happy to start removing all the unwanted items from the property.
  4. Once we have finished our work, we’ll accept your payment and head out of there with a truck now full of junk!

Appliance Removal in Foreclosed Homes

Need to clear out the old appliances from a foreclosed home? Sometimes, a previous occupant leaves behind a truly disgusting refrigerator or a broken washing machine, and it’s in your best interest to get rid of it fast. If so, consider our appliance removal services. We’ll bring at least two crew members so one can lift the front side of the appliance and the other can lift the back. Even the heaviest appliances will move this way. And, of course, we’ll be careful when lugging the appliance to the door because the last thing you need is for us to drop it. Don’t worry—we’ve got this under control!

About Us

Joseph’s Junk Removal is the local junk hauling business that wants the best for Metro Atlanta. That’s why we go above and beyond during our appointments! One of our top priorities is serving you well, which is why we offer low prices and fast service, and it’s why we always treat you with respect, too. Additionally, we want to be good to the planet, too. We recycle everything we can, and we donate your lightly used items, too. That way, we generate the least amount of waste as possible. It’s just one of the ways we give back to the community!

Foreclosure Junk We Take

Exercise Equipment
Bagged Trash
Old Grills
Old Decorations
Cabinets and Shelves
Books and Magazines

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