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There are a lot of companies that clean up yards, but there’s only one Joseph’s Junk Removal. Contact us to schedule the best yard cleanups available in your area!


Yard debris and brush removal can be tough work. However, it’s often a necessary part of keeping a yard or a lawn. This is true for homeowners, business owners, property managers, and anyone else whose space is surrounded by grass, trees, and dirt! So when a storm blows through the Atlanta area and makes your yard a mess, don’t fret. Joseph’s Junk Removal has the yard cleanups you’ve been looking for!

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There’s no denying that working outdoors can sometimes be exhausting. Whether that’s because of the sun beating down or a chilly breeze that makes you shiver, you might not want to be out in the elements for long. As if the weather itself wasn’t uncomfortable enough, the sheer amount of physical labor involved in cleaning up yard waste might push you over the edge! Don’t want to try do-it-yourself yard junk removal? Then contact Joseph’s Junk Removal for yard cleanups instead!

Looking for a local company that can provide you with a good deal on the services you need? It’s about time you gave us a try. Our cost to clean up a yard is well within your budget thanks to our volume-based prices. Additionally, our team works hard to make sure you get your money’s worth. We’ll clean up any scattered debris fast without cutting corners. That way, you can get back to your day ASAP with no regrets!

Whether your yard is messy because of sticks, leaves, dead plants, or even lawn furniture, chances are, you’d like to get things under control fast. If so, consider scheduling our same-day or next-day yard cleanups. Whenever you need our help, we’d love to be there. Just be sure to book an appointment by either contacting us online or calling us at 470-466-3405.

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Our Yard Debris Removal Process

  1. We don’t want to leave you waiting for us any longer than necessary, so we’ll be there right when you need us to be. We always show up during the 2-hour arrival window.
  2. Once we have arrived, we will let you show us all the yard waste that needs to go. Approve our upfront service quote next so we can begin our work.
  3. Our crew can remove yard debris from your landscape fast! Where does it all go? Into the back of our truck, of course. There’s room to spare!
  4. You won’t even have to worry about the disposal of the yard waste because we get rid of it for you. No need to head over to a landfill for yourself!

Tree Stump Removal in Atlanta

One of the most difficult yard debris items to get rid of is a leftover tree stump. That’s because they’re so deeply rooted into the soil, you’ll have to do some digging to pull it out. Here’s a thought—why not let us do the digging for you? We’ll bring our shovels, and we’ll unearth that stump one way or another. We will dig deep enough to pull out what’s left of the roots, and then, we’ll yank that unsightly stump right out of the ground. After tossing it in our truck, we’ll return to fill up the resulting hole as well. It’ll be like there was never a stump there before too long!

About Us

There are so many franchises out there, so why not give a locally owned business a shot? At Joseph’s Junk Removal, we take pride in our status as Atlanta’s #1 source of local junk removal services. We always work hard for our clients, and what’s more, we provide them with fair, affordable prices to boot. The end results are smiling customers who keep calling us back. Want to join their ranks? Schedule yard cleanups today, and we’ll be there in a flash to help you out!

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