What are Your Options for Furniture Donation in Atlanta, GA?

Finding Furniture Donation Services in Metro Atlanta

Over time, furniture that was once the pride of your home wears down, becomes old, and falls out of style. Eventually, you might find that the furniture you used to love isn’t really your favorite thing to keep around anymore. When this happens, you might be tempted to toss it out, but why not seek out furniture donation services instead? At Joseph’s Junk Removal we believe that everyone has a responsibility to be eco-friendly, even the individual. Because of this, we must recommend that you donate your furniture instead of dumping it. That way, instead of taking up space in a landfill, your old furniture can become a beloved fixture of someone else’s home!

This leads to the next question: what are some of the places to donate furniture around Metro Atlanta anyway? We have collaborated with many of these furniture donation sites in the past, and as a result, we already have a list of recommendations prepared for you. So keep on reading, find the donation site that works best for you, and take your unwanted furniture to them!

Habitat for Humanity ReStore of Atlanta

271 Chester Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30316

If you aren’t familiar with the mission at Habitat for Humanity, then let us break it down for you. This charitable organization strives to provide affordable, quality housing in areas all throughout the country, including our very own Metro Atlanta. Sometimes, this organization even builds houses from the ground up as part of its mission. But where does the funding for this sort of work come from? In addition to monetary donations, sales at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore also help fund these house construction projects. So, by donating to the ReStore, you’re helping build homes for people in need.

When you have furniture that is in good enough condition to donate, then it would fit in great with the rest of the wares at the ReStore. Not only that, but if you don’t mind scheduling a few weeks out, you can get a free pickup! Check out the ReStore’s pickup options here.

Goodwill of Atlanta

Multiple Locations

Goodwill is a nationally known thrift store chain with more than a dozen locations scattered across Metro Atlanta. Because of this, there’s sure to be room for your furniture in at least one of these establishments. However, bear in mind that, unlike the ReStore, there is no free pickup service available to you. For example, if you needed a couch donation pick up, you could either request a priority pickup for a fee, or you could haul the couch to one of the many donation centers for yourself.

Salvation Army of Atlanta

 746 Marietta St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

The Salvation Army, an organization led by Christian principles, reaches in many different directions to serve the community. Providing food for the homeless, giving them a place to stay, and fighting against human trafficking are just a few of the battles this army is fighting. While these battles will likely last for years to come, you can do your part by stocking the shelves of the Salvation Army Thrift Store. Every sale at their store goes towards reaching the organization’s ideals. In many cases, they will pick up your furniture for free, too. We recommend calling ahead to double-check.

Value Village

1899 Metropolitan Pkwy SW, Atlanta, GA 30315

Finally, we want to shout out Atlanta’s very own Value Village, a locally owned and operated thrift store. While Value Village prides itself on an affordable selection of premium-brand clothing, it also accepts and sells furniture! While no pickup services are available, if you don’t mind delivering the furniture, you can swing by, do exactly that, and then check out the clothes for sale afterwards.

Easy Furniture Donation Services with Junk Removal Companies

As you might have noticed, pickup services from the thrift stores themselves aren’t always easy to come by. Those stores that do offer the service might ask that you schedule several weeks out. However, you can always rely on junk removal companies such as Joseph’s Junk Removal when you need to remove that furniture fast. That way, you won’t have to haul heavy furniture on your own, nor will you have to wedge it into the back of your vehicle. We have plenty of muscle and truck space to spare, so count on us to take your furniture to a nearby donation site in a flash. We collaborate with all the thrift stores you saw on this list!

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